Organic & Biodynamic Farming Practices

The branding of our business is sustainable, ethical, and environmental. We aim for it in everything we do.

Our farm is a living being. We want our farm to be a full cycle of life. We care for our soil using biodynamic preparations and using only organic practices . These include using natural applications of fermented composted teas, fish, sea weeds and humates onto our soils. We recycle all farm nutrients such as effluent onto our pastures to make sure we grow nutrious , healthy and vigorus grasses and herb. 

We are looking at using renewable energy and have recently moved from conventional to biological farming.

We want to have a business that’s balanced with the environment, and a life that’s balanced with a love of what we do. The opportunity to create Red Cow Organics has given us that. We hope you enjoy our product and that you can taste in every mouthful the love, joy, and adventure that went into creating it for you.


Red Cow Certified Organic