Our Story

Red Cow Dairies is a family operated business that is located on Tasmania’s beautiful North West coast. Our herd is made up of 300 gentle natured Aussie Red Cows, which have been in our family for over a decade. Bred for Australian conditions they thrive on our farm which is run with sustainable farming practices. They produce high quality milk which allows us to make our beautiful artisan products.

At the pinnacle of the drought in northern Victoria, we made the life changing decision to pack up our suitcases and our Dairy herd and move to the beautiful, high-rainfall area of North-Western Tasmania where we bought a 155-hectare farm at Oldina.

Three years on, our dream of opening an artisan cheese factory has come true. And with a herd of Aussie Red cows our new venture is of course named Red Cow Dairy.



Aussie Red Cows

Our cows graze on lush North West Tasmanian pastures rich in nutrients, producing pure sweet tasting milk. Our Aussie Red girls are milked with care to ensure the highest quality milk is produced. The milk goes through a series of stainless steel pipes to large refrigerated vats and is stored at 4°C. Our milk is then taken to our factory where we make it into delicious cheeses.

The modern day dairy cow is a healthy robust animal, which has good longevity, extremely efficient converters from grass to milk. Aussie Reds are hassle free cows and have high fertility plus high production.

We milk our cows all year round to ensure consistent supply and quality of milk to make our cheese.